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Artsy Learning Academy

Learn, Love, & Grow

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Why is education

the same when every child is different?

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Education Programs for Pre-K thru 5th Grade

Since 2002, Artsy Learning Academy has created an adaptive environment that specializes in individually paced learning. We design our curriculum to fit every need of a developing child with content that far exceeds state academic standards. Students learn foundational education with added enrichment programs that span art, music, movement, and life skills.

We want to nurture children to develop strong friendships, learn how to express emotions, and understand healthy boundaries. Every child is unique, and that’s why our team is dedicated to helping kids learn, love, and grow!

A Holistic Approach to Inspire a Love for Learning

Do you want a more personalized educational experience for your child?

Are you looking for a hands-on experiential learning approach?

Would your child benefit from an empowered environment designed to nurture their uniqueness?

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Math, Reading, Science, and So Much MORE!

Our educational programs are personally tailored to each child. At Artsy, our students enjoy experiential learning integrated with play for enhanced neuro-learning capabilities. Every week, our students learn gross motor skills, concepts of science, mathematics skills, reading and phonics, writing, sign language, language arts, social studies, and art skills.

  • Phonetic Learning
  • Speech Development
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Social Development
  • Body Autonomy
  • Hands-On Experiments
  • Live Animals
  • Seasonal Celebrations
  • Study Life Cycles
  • Multi-Cultural Learning
  • Music, Dance, Martial Arts

What Makes Artsy Different?

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We integrate art into creative learning across all subjects.

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We implement educational progressive pacing for exceptional development.

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We utilize

hands-on learning experiences to stimulate


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We teach healthy expression and age-effective conflict resolution skills.

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We give each child personalized attention so they feel seen and heard.

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Art in Every Aspect of Education

We believe that the fundamentals of art are a wonderful basis for education in young children with developing minds. Through hands-on art projects, we teach math by learning gradients, portions, placements, and proportions, the science of color-blending, fine motor skills, cultural social studies, and reading. Plus it’s a lot of FUN!

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Enhance Cognitive Learning

Increase Fine Motor Skills

Encourage Creativity

We Take Education Seriously. And Always Have a BLAST!

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"Since I became an early childhood teacher in 2002, I have been passionate about making learning FUN and engaging. I am fascinated by the studies that show when kids have fun in learning environments, their neuro-pathways open so much wider to absorbing the content.

At Artsy we can help kids love to learn and grow!"

Melesa Dobbins, Owner & Director

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Are you ready to see your child flourish

and move past the barriers holding them back from greater growth?

Space is limited.

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Artsy Learning Academy

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